Assalamu Alaikum


Weekly program Saturday 5th July

After Taraweeh between 12:15 and 1:45

Refreshments will be served


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Esha Jamat: 10:50 pm until further notice


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Jumuah Lectures

Masjid Zakariya (Berry Street) - Jumuah 2pm

Fri 3rd July - Maulana Ebrahim

Fri 10th July - Maulana Siraj


Umar Education & Welfare Trust (Avon Street) - Jumuah 1:30pm

Fri 3rd July - Maulana Anwar - Attaining Taqwa


Other Lectures


Safeguarding from Hellfire

Saturday 4th July after Asr

Masjid Zeenatul Islam

Maulana Anwar



Ramadhan Programmes - Sisters only


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Ramadhan Programmes at Masjid Zakariya


Weekly Programmes

BiWeekly Hadith Lessons Riyadhus Saliheen by Maulana Anwar

Fortnightly Sundays after Asr at Masjid Zeenatul Islam

Next Lesson: After Ramadhan Date TBC

Chapter 57: Contentment, Abstaining from Begging, Moderation in Spending and Lifestyle

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